Monday, May 21, 2012

Sixth: Corner of Eau Claire St & S. Barstow

This image has become a favorite amongst the community.  The building is recognizable among just about anyone who lives in EC or has ever been there.  It sticks out amongst the architecture in the downtown area.  It was once the Chippewa Valley Bank - and is now the site of numerous businesses such as Volume One Magazine, Stones Throw Pub, and others.  When I came across the original image in the museum's archives.  I knew this one would be a great piece!

When I left the studio to photograph this, I instantly regretted it because it was a frigid day in February.  There wasn't snow on the ground, but the temperature and the wind made it a miserable day.  However the image does not reflect this uncomfortable weather.  This one was particularly difficult to rephotograph, because the original photographer had stood where there is now a large building.  I leaned against the building to get my shot, which wasnt quite perfect, so later I had to adjust the lens perspective in Photoshop CS4.

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