Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fifth: Schofield Hall

Schofield Hall - this one was a huge surprise for me, on all levels.  I executed this one in a haste by photographing multiple angles while I was there, because it just so happens that the entire campus lawn is now covered in large trees.  The entire process from driving to the CV Historic Museum -> finding and reproducing the Schofield Hall THEN Image -> Driving to Schofield Hall > Re-photographing took all but about 2 hours - which is very quick, in comparison to some of my other projects.  But then came the post production, and it was particularly difficult to find an artistic flow and feel when you have trees everywhere.  Trees have a hard and rough pattern, which makes them particularly difficult to blend into other textures in the surroundings, which now has become a common quote of mine "Its either the entire tree, or no tree".  You can actually see this implemented in just about every one of my pieces.

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