Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eighth: Downtown Panoramic

The Eau Claire Downtown Panoramic....one that has remained relatively unseen by the public.  Really only a few people have seen this image.  This image actually required me to shoot 5 photos, kind of on a pivot in the middle of Grand Ave.  Since I don't have a panoramic camera, it was required for me to shoot 5 separate images, at 11mm focal length.  Not only that, but this one took some doing to really even locate what street is being shown.  What this is, is - the long stretch running left to right is actually both S. Barstow, looking North, and looking South.  Straight ahead is Grand Avenue.  This was once called the "Four Corners" back in the early 1900s.  This was a happening place back then.  Doesn't seem so much now. 

Blending these 6 images as one was really a lot more simpler than I had anticipated.  After the 3rd time re-photographing the Panoramic, I finally nailed it dead on, and just about every line and building lined up perfectly!  Its always a great feeling when they line up so well because it really is then just like painting time periods over one another.

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