Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twenty Fifth: 400 Block Then & Then

The Story:

While searching the historical museum's archives for my Then & Now: Wausau series - I came across quite a few images of Downtown Wausau's 400 Block.  However, I discovered soemthing I never even considered or imagined!  First I found an old 1890's photo of the 400 block - but then shortly thereafter I came across another 400 block image from the 1920's - taken from EXACTLY the same perspective, height, and angle (which is the #1 priority when creating a Then & Now).  Given that tehse images are 30+ Years apart - I can't even begin to explain how rare of a find this was.

So I decided to take a 'Then & Then' approach - and weaved the two historic images together - creating a truly unique one of a kind piece for our collection!

Twenty Forth - Barstow Scene

This image was interesting to me because the original image seems to be a very popular image with the Eau Claire Community.  You can see it for sale as post card and prints ad a variety of dowtown stores.  This is why I think people will find this interesting, as it allows people who are aware of the original image to see the transformation of the Barstow over time.  This is a blend of 1925 and 2012!

My favorite part of this image is the people along the sidewalk on the left walking up towards the man with the bike, walking up to them.