Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twenty Fifth: 400 Block Then & Then

The Story:

While searching the historical museum's archives for my Then & Now: Wausau series - I came across quite a few images of Downtown Wausau's 400 Block.  However, I discovered soemthing I never even considered or imagined!  First I found an old 1890's photo of the 400 block - but then shortly thereafter I came across another 400 block image from the 1920's - taken from EXACTLY the same perspective, height, and angle (which is the #1 priority when creating a Then & Now).  Given that tehse images are 30+ Years apart - I can't even begin to explain how rare of a find this was.

So I decided to take a 'Then & Then' approach - and weaved the two historic images together - creating a truly unique one of a kind piece for our collection!

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