Sunday, May 20, 2012

First: 12 S. Barstow St

This image was the very first Then & Now I completed.  Surprisingly it's still one of my favorites.  This one was particularly difficult, because it was my first time delving into re-photography (the art of rephotographing an image accurately).  The strategy of blending I learned after completing this piece became the framework of the entire series.  However each piece I learn how to implement a new ideas or visual nuance, this piece has just about everything I could have hoped for.  Color, contrast, mystique, lines (that line up, lol), etc.  

This one is also very interesting to me, and causes me to wonder if the original photographer, had ever fathomed that his photograph would be apart of something so unique.  From the research I had done at the museum, I came to realize that the man who photographed this image was a professional photographer, and his studio (Isaac's Photography) is right next to the Model T - and am assuming that was his car as well!  Its amazing the little stories you pull out of some of these images after seeing them for so long during the post production process.  You have to come to understand that back in the late 1800's - early 1900's, it was extremely rare and expensive to be a photographer, they had just begun to mass produce film, and it was expensive and inaccurate.  

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  1. So, I looked at this and thought, "Seriously?? No comments???" So, here is my comment:
    This is ridiculously awesome. I am just starting out in the photography world, and absolutely love learning every step I take. I have just found "re-photography" and am in awe. I can only dream of the day my non-existent photoshop skills will be to your level. My hat is off to you.