Monday, May 21, 2012

Seventh: Mabel Tainter Theater

Mabel Tainter Theater...a piece commissioned by Mayo Health Care System for the Dialysis Center in Menomonie, WI.  This one was also a struggle to pull off.  Maybe the hardest and most difficult, logistically speaking.  Acquiring the original took matters beyond what I have experienced before.  Without going into details, lets just say that some historical societies should work on a better organizational method.

Arriving in Menomonie, I had zero experience in the town.  So everything was new and alien to me.  After finding the Theater, the difficult part was again finding the exact location the original photographer once had.  The iPad is a handy tool to have.  I often will put the digitized version of the original photo onto the iPad after I restore it, that way I can really take my time with the vantage point.  This particular one was a pain, because there was a large UW Stout sign in the way, so my only option was to stand in front of the sign to photograph.  Sometimes you just have to make do.

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