Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fifteenth: McDonnell High School/Heyde Center

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Back in the Early 1900's, this building was home to McDonnell High School.  These days it is known as the Heyde Center for the Arts.  Its a beautiful building, interior and exterior.  It really has not changed much at all.  The stairway was rebuilt, and the building that sits next to it seems to have changed, but thats about it.

This one to date is the most accurately rephotographed Then & Now I have in my collection.  This one doesn't get as much public rave as some of the other pieces, but this type are my personal favorite.  Its possible to layer the brick in such a way that it skips generations of times per brick.  The windows lined up perfectly, so it was kind of fun to play with the gradient fade from gray -> blue sky reflection.

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