Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eighteenth - Chippewa Falls, Spring St 1896/2012

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This image has now become my absolute favorite, hands down.  I didn't expect this one to work out at all actually, because a couple of the buildings are no longer there, and the ones that have seem to have been refaced a number of times.  Also given that there wasn't much of a side street back then, and that it looks to be a sidewalk (to their standards) i really didn't think things were going to line up.  That is until one day when I decided i would give it a try to try and line them up.  Sure enough, it lined up better than I had expected, which was when i noticed that some of the buildings were actually the same buildings, just refinished.

This one is so interesting to me because of the people, and their characteristics.  Its a great image, in that everyone seems to be posing in a thought out how their shadows cast but don't overlap.  Most everyone stood still enough to capture the image, except 2 of the people who seemed to have moved.  Even the horse stood in place.  This one is also really great to me because of it's age.  It always seems like the older the Then image is, the more interesting.  This is a blend of 1896/2012 - about 116 years in transformation!

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